Monday, March 30, 2009

Points to remember regarding Laser Vision Correction

If you wear contact lenses, it will be necessary for you to stop wearing them prior to surgery so that your doctor can determine the correct amount of correction needed. Soft lens wearers must leave lenses out for 2 weeks prior to the first pre-op assessment. Rigid lens wearers must stop wearing lenses for 3 weeks prior to this first assessment.

The doctor needs 2 consistent assessments before determining the desired correction. We will look at the stability of your cornea by performing keratometry readings and corneal topography. We will also measure your refractive error with and without dilation.

These assessments are very important in the outcome of your laser procedure. Wearing glasses instead of contact lenses during this time can be inconvenient and uncomfortable for some patients but the results after laser surgery will make up for this short time.

If you are unwilling or unable to adhere to our guidelines for pre-op assessment, please feel free to discuss this with your doctor. We all want the best result for you.

If you have glasses, please bring them to the office with you. This may be helpful in determining refractive stability.

You will be given a copy of the informed consent for refractive surgery to read while you are waiting to see the doctor. Please discuss any questions or concerns with our staff or the doctor after you have read them.

We will also discuss the cost and payment options with you on the day of your evaluation.

We are excited about the wonderful results that we have seen after laser vision correction and look forward to providing you with the freedom of not wearing glasses or contact lenses.