Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pat says...multi-focal lenses are money well spent!

Meet Pat...she's been a patient at Koby Karp for over 30 years. When it came time for her to have cataract surgery, she chose mulit-focal lenses rather than traditional intraocular lenses. Unlike traditional lenses, the new multi-focal lenses allow Pat to see near, far and everthing in between eliminating her need for glasses. In her own words:

"It was just the natural thing for me to do to say I wanted the multi-focal lenses. I wanted to get away from glasses. The recovery process was extremely simple. I would recommend it because I don't think anybody really enjoys wearing glasses. To me it was worth it. I'm not an extravagant person to begin with, so it was a big treat to myself. I don't know where the money would have gone if I hadn't gone to the multi-focal lenses but now I do know where the money's in my eyes...and I get the benefit of it 24 hours a day."

If you have cataracts, call us for more information about multi-focal lenses at (502)897-1604 orr visit our website and click on "eye condiditons" and "cataracts".

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