Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Our Electronic Medical Records Help You

Although the advantages to using electronic medical records (EMR) are numerous to our doctors staff, there are also many positive benefits for you, our patient, as well.

Since our receptionists have your medical records at their fingertips when you call, we get an instant view of your insurance information, which one of the doctors you see, when you were last seen in our office and much more. This also eliminates filling out registration forms and personal medical history. We have a complete list of your medications, surgeries, referring physician and other pertinent information needed to provide you excellent patient care.

During the course of your examination, the doctor and his assistant are able to document every level of the exam in order to expedite a clean and prompt insurance claim. He is able to review and compare diagnostic tests and give the results to you immediately. We can instantly send a glasses prescription to our Optical department so that our opticians can help you with frame and lens selection. We are now able to send prescriptions for medications directly to the pharmacy so that your order will be ready for you when you arrive.

A letter to your primary or secondary care physician is ready to be sent sometimes before you leave the office, allowing for up to date and consistent communications between all your health care providers.

All of us are very pleased with our EMR system, and as the administrator of Doctors Eye Institute, I am very impressed with our staff’s ease and enthusiasm in implementing and using the system from day one – even the doctors. I’m certain that we will continue to upgrade and change (Medicare is requiring EMR and Electronic prescribing in all medical offices by 2012). Our goal is to care for you in the most effective and satisfying manner and we feel that our efforts to computerize our office will help us achieve this goal.

- Dorothy Jett, Practice Administrator, COE

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