Monday, October 4, 2010

Louisville Eyewear

We have recently renamed our newly redesigned optical department the "Optical Education Center" because we want it to be a place where you can learn about exciting innovations in eyewear that can greatly improve your visual experience.
New advances in lens technology now allow patients who used to wear thicker lenses to enjoy the lightest, thinnest lenses in the world. These new, recently developed, ultra high index lenses are even more flattering and more comfortable than ever before.
Discover the newest lens coatings that are the absolute best for reducing glare, resisting scratching, eliminating indirect reflection from water or snow and protecting from ultraviolet light.
You will also discover that the recent improvements in no-line, multifocal lenses provide the nearest to natural vision by creating a sense of constant clarity at all viewing distances.
Come in and let us explain all of the new options you now have for maximizing your eyewear so you will see the best you can see.

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