Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cataract treatment - Louisville Testimonials

Here's a comment from Betsy Jacks of Louisville after having cataract surgery at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute:
"The people at Doctors Eye Institute are the kindest, most gentle people.
I'm so sorry I wasted time worrying about having the surgery beforehand because I had no idea it would be that easy. I don't have to wear my glasses and now I can see better than I ever have. I am thrilled."
And there are more:
It was the most amazing thing. I went in and had the cataract surgery and it hardly took anytime at all. I didn't feel anything and before I knew it the procedure was over. And in no time I could see much better than I have seen in years...maybe even better than I have seen in my life. It's much better than I ever dreamed it would be.. seeing this well without wearing glasses. I can't believe how beautiful the colors look.
MAJ - Shively
Well it's great not having to wear glasses after all these years. I joke that there are a few disadvantages because now I can see dust in my house that I never could see before. And my grandkids can't get use to seeing me without my glasses on. But  I look better and I don't keep blinking to try to clear my eyes.   
G.W - Louisville
Sorry I kept putting off having cataract surgery. Karp. Dr. Karp said that I would tell him when it was time. Finally, my eyesight was just too cloudy and I went ahead with it. Had I known how much it would improve my eyesight and how simple the procedure was, I would have done it much, much sooner. I never thought everything would be so clear and with no glasses!  
BWR -  Jeffersonville

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