Friday, August 30, 2013

Kids Eye Exams in Louisville

Kids complaining about not being able to see well in the classroom? Are they leaning in too close to the computer screen? Perhaps it's time for a comprehensive eye exam.

The two most common vision issues in young kids are: A crossed or wandering eye and uneven focus, where one eye is more farsighted than the other.

The first condition may be referred to as "lazy eye" or "wandering eye".  Often kids may not say anything about these issues but if either condition goes untreated, the child's stronger eye can slowly become the dominant eye. The brain will ignore images coming from the weaker eye and stop developing the nerve connections leading to it. Eventually, vision loss in the weaker eye will be permanent.

A vision screening, early detection and the proper treatment can reverse these conditions!

It's easy to schedule a thorough and complete Kids Eye Exam. Call us at (502) 897-1604 or 1-800-777-4393.

Click on the video above for more info about our Kids Eye Exams. Or click 
here for more about the two most common vision issue in young kids.

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