Friday, February 27, 2015

Introducing a new partnership with Dr. Eugene Giles Sr. MD


 All of us here at Koby Karp Doctor’s Eye Institute are proud to partner with Dr. Eugene Giles Sr. MD to help him provide comprehensive healthcare at his Omni Medical Center located at 2746 Virginia Avenue, Louisville, KY 40211.


Services provided include:

-In house lab services with Electronic Interface to Quest Diagnostic Laboratory. Results from these tests are, in most cases, available the next business day, and automatically attached to your medical record to assure accuracy of reporting.

-Diabetic Education Classes and Eye Exams offered onsite each month.

-They also provide referrals to trusted professionals in a wide range of specialties. These referral relationships insure that a report is sent back to them and maintained in your centralized health record. They oversee, co-ordinate and monitor your care with these outside facilities. Dr. Stroud will be performing comprehensive eye health exams including diabetic evaluations at the Omni Medical Center and communicating any results to Dr. Giles office to better coordinate care.

By coming to their office once a month everyone involved is trying to make quality care easily available to all of his patients. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Stroud at the Omni Medical Center, contact Dr. Giles’ office at (502) 776-1177.

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