Friday, May 8, 2015

Deals on Glasses

One of the more important things I do at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute is fix problems with peoples' glasses.  Most often they were bought elsewhere…from discounters and  even on line!   In any case, the most important thing is that I am here for our patients to help fix their eyewear problems, regardless of where the purchase was made.

Almost all these "fix-it" visits,  my favorites at least, start out something like this, “Doc I got a great deal on these glasses plus I got an extra pair free…they were cheap as dirt, everyone says they look terrific on me and everything,  but the only problem is that I am having trouble seeing.”

Yes, cheap prices can be attractive, but it's the "seeing" part that is usually the reason for getting the glasses in the first place. Hello?  Did someone just say, "buyer beware"?

It has been my experience over the years, the better the “deal” you got on your glasses, the more times you will likely come to see me to fix a problem.  These problems can pop up at any point along the process of fitting glasses to each individual patient.

Buying new eyewear is fairly simple process. The first part of the process is when you are actually being tested for the prescription at the office.  You know the drill…“Which is better… one better or two”.  That is very often the time when many errors can be introduced.  You see, there are checks and balances built in to the method of getting your prescription exactly correct, however, shocking as it may seem, none of us are perfect, so the patient and/or technician can sometimes introduce an error.

The next part is when you pass by our Optical Department, prescription in hand, and head for the discount optical store. That is when the bulk of problems begin.

Then, if the discount store optician isn't careful in taking the lens measurements and recommending the correct lenses or features that match your specific needs, there will likely be a problem with how you see with your new glasses. 

I have had so many patients come back to me and say how much trouble the optician at the discount eyewear store gave them when they returned because they were having problems with their glasses.
When you purchase your glasses from our Optical Department after your exam, I can diagnose your specific vision problems then literally walk you over one of our opticians and recommend exactly what you need to make you happy with your new glasses.

Where we shine at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute is in our commitment to making things right. If you are having problems right now with your glasses,  please do yourself a favor and let us help you by doing what it takes to help you see the best that you can possibly see.

Dr. Stroud

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